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Relevance of history

The meaning, purpose, intensity, relevance and vitality of one’s life is their affiliation to a field of study , I believe. For, through deep meditations on that field, one discovers their own self and understands the nature of the world. … Continue reading

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It’s all in the Narrative!

In today’s post modern world, it appears that humanity is more and more vexed with means of production. Any conversation that is not directly or indirectly related to means of production, is generally considered unnecessary and superfluous. Most of the  intentions, … Continue reading

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The sage in the dog

I was visited by a sage in the form of a dog. Ofcourse she was so adorable, naughty, loving and a bundle of eternal joy for me; a fountain of bliss was my lab – Maggie. She was like my … Continue reading

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The Loss

5th August, 2015, Wednesday evening when I came back from office, the house was as silent as a morgue. Yes, Maggie was not there anymore. She was sold off, as a leather shoe. In Rig Veda, there are the mention … Continue reading

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Friendship day celebration – 2nd Aug 2015

Today the day was special. Ofcourse, it deserved to be. It was Friendship day! I have discovered after many years of trials and errors, pits and follies, explorations and adventures, that there is only one friendship one needs to redeem. … Continue reading

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The new world order

The period between 900 to 200 B.C., is termed as the Axial age, by the German philosopher Karl Jaspers. This period is considered to be pivotal in the spiritual development of humanity. All the major religious thoughts that has been … Continue reading

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The Need is to apply the existing wisdom

The problem with the world today is not that we lack good ideas. We have great, sound, beautiful, enlightened ideas to last us a hundred generations. Enough new books! We don’t have to work stuff out. We have to make what … Continue reading

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