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Theory of Identity and Bhagavad Gita

# Theory of Identity and Bhagavadgita Reconciling the first principle of Swadharma God says to Arjuna to do the right action as per his Svadharma. In the story of Mahabharat, Arjuna has already resolved that central question, even before the … Continue reading

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The realm of immortality

I am deeply saddened by the violent fatal accident of Memphi – the dog son of my best friend. He was killed by a reckless SUV speeding on the lane in front of his house. I certainly cannot ease my … Continue reading

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Heart over Mind

It is good to take a break from thinking. Feel your way through things for a while. Your mind will never take you to those sweet places your heart knows so well. – Scott Stabile ‘Thinking’ is something I feel … Continue reading

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Relevance of history

The meaning, purpose, intensity, relevance and vitality of one’s life is their affiliation to a field of study , I believe. For, through deep meditations on that field, one discovers their own self and understands the nature of the world. … Continue reading

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Loving without a reason

More I reflect on the nature of inter personal relationships, more i tend towards the belief that blind faith is perhaps very important. It teaches us to love what we have, and what we have chosen for ourselves. Be it … Continue reading

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Mahabharata – The philosophical and social anchor

I had this great opportunity to attend the two day intensive workshop on Mahabharata by Prof. Vishwa Adluri and Dr. Joydeep Bagchee, at the NIAS, Bangalore. It was an enlightening session for me, and I am grateful to Indic Academy … Continue reading

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On Diversity

There is a personal inclination that a person develops over a lifetime, influenced by their genes as well as childhood conditioning. A fully grown man hence has those unique impressions, needs, talents and interests hardened in his psyche. This process … Continue reading

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