The realm of immortality

We all humans crave for connection. We are social beings, and need to relate to others like us. We thrive in their company. We get reduced being left out. We need connection. This fundamental need of humans has been catered to through various means and methods in society. There used to primitive races which entered in community orgies every month, to replenish that need to connect. Other institutions like marriages, family, church, etc were created to foster such bonding.

Now, one thing is very important to understand here. That is what is the fundamental basis of such bonds! If the basis is merely physical and emotional, then such bonds break fast as the emotional and physical need change. Then we need to have frequent changes in the companionship. We would always be in search of novelty, trying out newer and newer experiences and relationships. This is what most of the western societies go towards. And now, the new generation is also getting swayed. That socially accepted rituals of community orgies is not a possibility in the modern world, due to the obvious issues with such a set up in long term. So, what is the way out for the post modern mankind?

The only way out as appears to me is to explore and find the common platform of bonding from the realm of immortality between two individuals. This realm of immortality are those that never perish, and which help us to become better at the same time. Such common platforms of bonding are hobbies, studies, research, sports, games, yoga, art, religion, social service, etc. All these are examples of activities which need a big amount of expertise and skills and are difficult to do. When people engage with each other to do activities that they like and that needs enough work to develop proficiency on and are at the same time difficult to perform, people connect very well to each other and are at peace and glorious about their progress.

This set up serves mankind in the following ways –

  1. Create bonding and satisfies that primordial craving to connect and engage into social bonding with fellow human beings.
  2. Improves the skill of the person into that activity, and makes them more differentiated and unique. That enables them to more positively impact their community and create value. This sets up a continuous engine of growth and prosperity.
  3. Their sense of peace and joy is now centered and founded upon an immortal domain that never perishes away. Rather it continues to pull them into higher complexities and challenges, and there is no looking back. One can continue to enhance their expertise in an art, game, activity etc, and there is no limit to excellence. That journey is eternal and constant.
  4. They are not anymore attached to the ephemeral aspects of nature like a particular human, animal, institution, relationship etc. They are free. This sense of extreme freedom breeds immense courage and that is a starting point of creativity.
  5. One does not need loo much wealth to engage into a spontaneous activity that inspires them. Moreover int his world of internet things are more easily accessible.
  6. With age this capacity does not diminish. Brain is ever capable to recreate new abilities. This phenomenon is known as brain plasticity.
  7. There is no more emotional baggage of hatred, anger, jealousy, lust, arrogance etc which has very debilitating impact on mind body and other human abilities, and their capacity to connect to fellow human beings.
  8. Man is at ease with the mere uncertainties of life. He rather thrives in the inherent unpredictability of life.

About Samrat Kar

A software developer by profession. A student of humanities by hobby. more details -
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