On Diversity

There is a personal inclination that a person develops over a lifetime, influenced by their genes as well as childhood conditioning. A fully grown man hence has those unique impressions, needs, talents and interests hardened in his psyche. This process sprouts diversity.
By definition, it might be excruciatingly painful for people of two starkingly diverse groups to get along with each other. But at the same time it might be immensely important for diverse groups collaborate because each brings on the table something complementary to the other. Hence there has been lot of emphasis on this mutual friendship and collaboration between diverse communities over the centuries of all major civilisations.

Give all the plus points on being able to manage and integrate diversity, it is at the same time imperative to enable the individual differentiation to be nurtured. A disproportionate focus on integration without helping an individual to develop his own uniqueness and strength aligned to his innate abilities would lead to a cohort of spineless and mediocre individuals. Such a group might have an increased ability to please others and forcibly enforce a pseudo unity and team spirit. Such a group generally lacks creativity and self defeats the foundational purpose of farming such teams and communities. The direction the community is led is decided by the most powerful and most vocal.

Hence before forming a diverse team it is important to nurture the diversity in the first place. And such a diversity cannot be incubated without adequate support, guidance, inspiration and examples. Now here is the trick. Such an ecosystem can only be created by the stalwarts of of the same inclination as the person at hand. Forced diversity in the formative years might at the outset, smother any possibility of a unique blossoming of the person. Differentiation has to be concretised before the appreciation of the integration, can be developed! Diversity works well with a set of people who equally know the weight of their own individuality. Only then creative thoughts and diverse ideas sprout, compete and complement. Otherwise what starts with an ostensive diversity, ends up as a homogeneous cohort.


About Samrat Kar

A software developer by profession. A student of humanities by hobby. more details - https://www.facebook.com/kar.samrat
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