The World of the Virtues

Meditation, hatha yoga, writing journal helps me to connect to my own self. They are portals to know the self in me more closely. Life appears a never ending journey of friendship with the macrocosm inside me. So many entities, so many dimensions this microcosm within constitutes of! Its like being a feature matrix hung in an n dimensional space. Each moment of calm, settling stint of meditation goes to unravel and reveal each of these position vectors, with n dimensional components. n appears so large! Is it infinity?

Also one more interesting aspect to know these multiple vectors within is developing a sense of co-existence with diversity. Coexistence is also about exploring, knowing and respecting the other existence. There are so many thought quarters, personality, nature, visions, ambition, agendas all floating around – as different stories riding on the mind of varied people, institutions, events etc. Knowing them, and going beyond shutting off with shallow judgement makes so much more sense.

For example a blind fundamental leftist how easily misses the appreciation of the neutral insights of Marx in his book Capital. And a crony capitalist, how easily misses out the nuances of the invisible hand of Adam Smith. Or for that matter, a shallow uneducated nationalist, misses out the wonder of the rich culture of other worlds.

Hatred, conflicts and strains appear in relationship many a times due to this laziness of a self proclaimed end to continue the journey of exploration, learning and listening.

More i read, more i reflect, more i think, it appears to me that the archetypes and human ideals like love, courage, sincerity, commitment, perseverance, aspiration, veneration, respect, sacrifice etc has nothing to do with nationality, region, or for that matter humans themselves! Humans might be at max considered as a temporary basin to hold these virtues. These virtues have their own independent existence in the realm of not man, but his inspiring creations! These virtues belong to an immortal world. Men, countries, societies, institutions are all temporary place holders. They belong to the ephemeral world of temporality.

Its like motherhood is beyond a mother, brotherhood is beyond a brother, sisterhood is beyond a sister, love is beyond a lover. These are virtues from the immortal realm. Mortal entities just wear those garbs.


About Samrat Kar

A software developer by profession. A student of humanities by hobby. more details -
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