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Meaning of the word Soma in Rig Veda

Soma is the distilled essence (delight) of all experiences. It is the delight of existence, Ananda, whose home is rat-chit, Truth-Consciousness. Soma juice which is produced from the Soma creeper in the rituals is only an external symbols of eternal … Continue reading

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Meaning of the word Yajna in Rig Veda

It is a fundamental mistake to regard Yajna merely as a ritual or rite. Veda describes yajna as journey, as climbing a hill, as a battle and also as a worship or rite. Th worship or rite is not that … Continue reading

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The organization and overview of the Rig Veda

The Rig Veda has 10,552 mantras, each of which is in one of the several specific metres like Gayatri, Anushtup etc. They are grouped into 1028 Sukatas or hymns, each having roughly ten mantras. The Sukatas are grouped into ten … Continue reading

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Meaning of Kavi in Rig Veda

“Kavi” in Rig Veda means seer. Seer in English stands for “Rishi”. A Seer is a person who can “see”; see things which others cannot. A Kavi or a Seer has developed such a capacity in him/her that enables him … Continue reading

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The meaning of Mantras in Rig Veda

A mantra of Rig Veda is outwardly a poetic verse. At a deeper level, it is the expression of the intuition arising out of the depths of the soul of the Rishis. It is the voice of the rhythm which … Continue reading

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