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Experimenting with the stance of a giver

Off late I have come to realise that the only natural way to live is to live from the stance of giving. Any thought, action, or enterprise done from any stance other than the attitude of giving, is destined for … Continue reading

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The World as Devi – The Shakti doctrine

1 – Quantum physics as a subset of Shakti doctrine : Today Western science speaks of Energy as the physical ultimate of all forms of Matter. So has it been for ages to the Shaktas, as the worshippers of Shakti … Continue reading

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The Allegories of Devi Mahatmayam

A myth should not be regarded as fiction simply because it does not describe a historical even. As the Platonic philosopher Snesius of Crene put it, “Myths are things that never happened, but always are.” Indeed, a myth illustrates elusive … Continue reading

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1. Reflection on the character of Rama in the epic Ramayana – 2. Delving deep into the mind of Rama –

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1. An Intro to Shakti – 2. An Into to Hindu systems of beliefs – 3. Allegories of Devi Mahatmaya – 4. The world as Devi –

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An intro to Shakti from the view point of the Hindu scriptures

The Power, or active aspect of the immanent God, is called Shakti. In Her static transcendent aspect the Mother or Shakti or Shivé is of the same nature as Shiva or “the Good”. That is, philosophically speaking, Shiva is the … Continue reading

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