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Losing one’s self in love

Recent neuroscience is confirming what Tantra has always maintained – and what the loss-of-self scenes in women’s greatest fictions hint at: climaxing women go into a trance state that is different from what men experience in orgasm. In ‘Regional cerebral … Continue reading

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The General Order – a perspective from Hindu belief system

The general Indian Religion or Bharata Dharma holds that the world is an Order or Cosmos. It is not a Chaos of things and beings thrown haphazard together, in which there is no binding relation or rule. The world-order is … Continue reading

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Transcendence versus Denial – Delving into the heroes and their roles

Transcendence is certainly not denial. Rather, is it an indifference to pleasure and pain? But, is it not that indifference is particularly non-human? Isn’t it that it is being affected by life, people and circumstance is the hallmark of being … Continue reading

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The deeper meaning of the life of Rama

The Sanskrit Ramayana was composed some time between 200 BCE and 200 CE and is attributed to the sage Valmiki. In his rendition, the bard seer Valmiki, renders the image of a common man Rama, with his follies, and his … Continue reading

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The later Vedic age

On the evidence of the Vedic texts, the division between the early and the late Vedic periods coincides with the drying up of the Sarasvati River. To the early period before 1900 BCE belong the hymn portions or Samhitas of … Continue reading

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