Freedom from the dogma of extrinsic reciprocation

When a poet is inspired by the beauty of the dawn, with the golden glowing Sun ushering into the crimson sky, and the wide spread of the golden sparkles on the ocean being strewn from the horizon far beyond, he contemplates on this ethereal experience, articulating it in words, in his poem. Being in love with this heart throbbing beauty of the maiden sky, he does not wait or insist on nature, to reciprocate his feelings. He does not stand stuck, to listen from the mother nature – “Thank you for your love, o great poet. I love you too!”
Rather, the poet knows that the reciprocation is received in the very inspiration that he receives from nature. The seed of inspiration is certainly from out there in nature. So, the poet does never think his work of art, as his “own private property”. Rather he is fully aware and grateful to the beauty out there, which ascends the thought in his heart and mind. From the space of gratitude, does the poet thrive, being actively present to the the fact that his love is overwhelmingly reciprocated by nature, in her own unique ways. And that the poet has the artifact of such unique ways exactly in concrete by the upheaval that goes inside his heart, in that unrest of passionate love that surges within him, as he sees that sultry, novel and naive beauty of dawn in front of him. That itself arouses him, and proclaims with a symphony that is heard so clearly in his heart, saying with all ardor, “Thank you noble heart for your love. I love you too.”

I have always tried repeatedly to go deeper and deeper into this depthless and tumultuous ocean of knowing of being in love with fellow man and nature. I have discovered wealth of many pearls, shells, sparkles and shells of truth from the most intriguing ocean depths.
I have come to realize that I had been blinded by illusion, when I had always longed for reciprocation of love from the object of love. No, I am not advocating the age old sacrificial saying that you should not expect anything in return. I have no reservation against people who follow the same. Infact I had been so righteously placed for a major part of my life. Having loved somebody head over heels, I always kept in the lookout for some reciprocation from the person, or the institution, in some form or the other. And when I used to get even an insignificant and inadvertent signal of liking in return, it would boost up my motivation, to continue the process with increased ardour. All in the direction to follow the pattern that the person or the institution advocates. A hidden urge to align and obey always hindered my freedom to be and act being unfettered.

But now I have come to realize that the reciprocation is received already in all its glory the moment I experience that ineffable urge of love, care and affection for any entity – be it art, nature, a person, or for that matter the apple products :). The mere capability appearing in me to be present to that transcending love for the entity that gives me all the passion and energy to actively engage in its appreciation and take it further creating an new expression of art, turns me on, is nothing but that immediate reciprocation. To be able to discover this openness and hidden reciprocation from “out there”, can be experienced by breaking out from the biased narrow intellectual abidings, being transfixed onto the some traditional, and crass manifestation of the reciprocation garbed in a habitual pattern.
Today I am present to the fact that a person, an institution or any object of love, are deeper and grander than the mere physical projection of the object in time and space, manifested by thoughts, actions, and words. Rather when I love the object, it is already so deeply engrained in my self, thoughts, imagination and intuition, that the object is already part of my whole being. It is the object who is there in my dreams, thoughts, inspiration, motivations and my arousal. The object is more profound than any mind, thoughts, nature, behavior or action, that can be attributed tot he object of love. It takes a heart, wet in immense love to even comprehend that extended presence of the object right here, right now.
Even when there is a deep craving or longing for the object of love, it is exactly these emotions which are the artifacts of the reciprocation of the love. These creative human excited states of being are nothing but gifts emanating from the object of love in reciprocation of the gesture of the self, being able to relate to the same. This exactly proclaims the love in return. We at times get too much attached to just one style of gifts and articles. We get used to a happy and joyous gift. We forget that longing sadness is also another texture if the gift of love. And that gift arises from the bosom of the beloved herself. Being present to this gift, makes a man present to the reciprocation of his beloved. Having said that I feel so at peace that all my labor of love us not lost at all, in any true relationship. Rather each drop of the sweat, blood and tear of the lover, is reciprocated in equal richness by none other than object of love, in its special way. I would rather have the lover proclaim the following this his beloved –
 “It makes me present to the fact that when I address you as “you”, I actually mean a conglomeration of you, I, nature, God and the whole sum of all creation. In that big scheme of things, yes the labor of my love is reciprocated.
From this standpoint yes it makes it totally irrelevant to beg articulation of love from you. I hence shun that narrow expectation of any kindness from you, knowing for sure, as God is real, so real is my love for you and yours for me.I shall remain yours ever through the pathways of eternity.”
Such is the freedom from the dogma of extrinsic reciprocation.
– Samrat Kar
Kar Conversations.
Bangalore, India.

About Samrat Kar

A software developer by profession. A student of humanities by hobby. more details -
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