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The sanctuary of solitude

There are needs varied for every soul. The needs range from physical to emotional, spiritual, and the rest of it. Probably, this aspect of being alive, is what makes life most beautiful – fulfilling these needs. All all this foray … Continue reading

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Imagination enriches the existence

I was reading the book, “The Life of Pi”. The beautiful imagery that Piscine Patel does about the zoo at his place at Pondicherry is really amazing. In this section of the novel, Piscine talks about the idea that for … Continue reading

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My Truth

Experimenting with Truth, what I have come to choose for myself is that for me Truth, is beyond the minds and heart of humans. Truth is inferred from the ideas that stalwarts of the past, in human race has thought, … Continue reading

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Beyond existing and enjoying

Speaking of the cult of possessing more and more, and obscene commoditization, Marx writes the following in one of his letters in May 1843, “This system of acquisition and commercialism, of possession and of the exploitation of mankind, is leading … Continue reading

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Beyond Man, into Ideas

The world of men, appears so constricted, and incomplete. The history and science of man as such, cut off from other aspects like civilization, nature, socio-economy, etc, is obviously a partial truth. But the greatest paradox is that most of … Continue reading

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Gandhi – some excerpts from the movie

Some excerpts from the movie “Gandhi” by Sir Richard Attenborough – The movie starts with the following citation – “No man’s life can be encompassed in one telling. There is no way to give each year its allotted weight, to … Continue reading

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