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The intrinsic goodness

The highest part of the universe, as of man’s nature, are reserved for the habitation of substances more pure and more perfect than man in his merely historical and physical life can experience. Yet for this purity and this perfection, … Continue reading

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True Love

I think true love is the love of art, rather than love for a person, thing or circumstances. In all its form. It is the art that we actually can fall in love with. Our relationships with men and women, … Continue reading

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An Uncommon Conversation – Example of a Dialectical process

This is a voice play (Shruti Natak) – a story of five friends, and a conversation they are entering into. The play depicts the relevance of diversity and being able to think differently, to be able to come to a … Continue reading

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In Search of the Absolute

The search of an Absolute In this world of resplendent but fleeting colours, one often feels the intense need of an absolute. The one that is marked by permanence, predictability, universality and simplicity. Without this bright and unfaltering light house, … Continue reading

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Creating a room, once in a day

By design life is a conundrum. The social nature of man makes the case even more complex. Myriad of minds, institutions, ideologies, traditions, opinions, etc some times makes one lost. There are things a person is forced to do, there … Continue reading

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