Being Centered to the Self

Not even through deep knowledge can the Self be reached, unless evil ways are abandoned, and there is rest in the senses, concentration in the mind, and peace in one’s heart.

When the wise man rests his mind in contemplation on our God beyond time, who invisibly dwells in the mystery of things and in the heart of man, then he rises above both pleasures and sorrows.

~ Katha Upanishad, II

It is very important for man to abandon evil ways. It starts with doing away with the barriers like greed, hatred and delusion, as first propounded by the Buddha. But one has to eventually graduate to a level where he is always connected to his own truth. The events, circumstances, relationships, men, women, institutions, etc all are transient landscapes which take form in this infinite openness of who a person is – in love and truth. To explain this David Deida beautifully writes the following in his book “The way of the superior man”

“One needs to always hold to one’s deepest realization. Eternity must be a man’s home, moment by moment. Without it, he is lost, always striving, grasping at puffs of smoke. A man must do anything necessary to glimpse, and then stabilize, this ever fresh realization and organize his life around it. Make your life an ongoing process of being who you are, at your deepest, most easeful elvels of being. Everything other than this process is secondary. Your job, your children, your wife, your money, your artistic creations, your pleasures – they are all superficial and empty, if they are not floating in the deep sea of your conscious loving. How many hours today was your attention focussed in the realm of changes – on events, people, thoughts, and experiences – and how often was your attention relaxed into its source? Where is your attention right now? Can you feel its source? Even for a moment, can you feel that which makes attention conscious and aware? Can you feel the deepest nature of attention? What happens when you simply, effortlessly, allow attention to subside into its source? This source is never changing and always present. It is the constant, silent tone behind and pervading the music of life. Feel into this source as deeply as possible, and then re-approach your work, intimacy, family and creative efforts. When you make money, make money from this source. Find out what happens to the details of your life when you live more consistently from this source. Use aids to support your relaxation into and creation from, this source. Read books that remind you  of who you are, in truth. Spend time with people who inspire and reflect the source to you. Meditate, contemplate, or pray daily so that you steep yourself in the source. If you are like most men, you have strong habits that rivet your attention to the events and tasks of the day. Days and nights fly by for years, and life slips through your fingers, your attention absorbed in the seeming world of necessary responsibilities. But all of it is empty if we do not live our responsibilities as expressions of our depths of being and heart-truth.

Know your eternity. Do whatever it takes. And from this depth of being, live the details of your life. But if you postpone the process of submerging yourself in the source of the sake of taking care of business first, your life will be spent in hours and days of business, and then it will be gone. Only if you are well grounded in that which is larger than life will you be able to play life with humor, known that each task is a mirage of necessity. Even if you find yourself in some trivial moment, watching TV or cleaning up a mess in the kitchen, feel the truth of who you are. Feel the boundless cognizance in which each instant seems and vanishes. All moments are the same intensity of clarify, completeness, and humor when you meet each moment with your deepest realization.

Nothing that has ever happened has made any difference to the One who you are!”

Being connected to one’s own truth, in love, showing up from the stance of playing the game on the platform of the suchness of one’s boundless openness, makes one strongly grounded to the Absolute – the Truth. This enables one to play the game of life with humor, love, care and as Marx used to put, by “Being Productive”.



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